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your artworks are incredible! and thank you a lot for kindly providing lessons!
Tue Apr 14, 2015, 5:00 AM
When I saw your art about music nearly I cried because they are so heart-warming. You are very talented! Respect ! ^^ :)
Sun Mar 29, 2015, 7:47 AM
your gallery is more than awesome, beautiful art!!!
Fri Dec 12, 2014, 8:08 PM
you put a big smile on my face! thanks!
Fri Nov 21, 2014, 6:28 AM
You have a awesome gallery man :3
Sun Nov 16, 2014, 2:19 PM
I love you
Mon Oct 27, 2014, 5:09 PM
:-) happy man aquasixio!
Sat Sep 20, 2014, 4:23 PM
super cake!
Sat Sep 20, 2014, 4:22 PM
Happy birthday :3
Sat Sep 6, 2014, 7:25 PM
Sat Sep 6, 2014, 6:55 PM


AquaSixio's Profile Picture
Cyril Rolando
Artist | Professional | Digital Art


Artistic approach :
My artistic approach is set between surreal and fantasy style... in one word : Otherworldly. I never took art course that's why I have few anatomy/perspective notions. I work with intuition to compensate for this lack of knowledge and venture into colors. I use only Photoshop CS2 and a Wacom tablet. I don't know how to draw on paper support.

Influences :
I'm aware my works don't come within the scope of a high artistic richness. I don't want to do beautiful things, but bringing out the difficulty to catch the emotional aspect in tiny, frozen, flat colored rectangles. Overall, I want to " tell something ", not only " show pixels ". Tim Burton and Hayao Miyazaki are both the roots of my own world. I like the surrealism movement, especially the work of Boris Vian and his Foam of the Daze (l'écume des jours). I like the absurdity, the creativity and the enchanting universes, where colors bring more emotions than thousand smiles or a million tears.

Inspiration :
I am curious of life. I admire the work of the time, the evolution of societies, the change of thoughts, the human drops after drops are born oceans. I choose the pseudo Aquasixio to put together my favorite element with my favorite digit. My characters are often lost children or in quest for their truth (and not THE truth). Their stories are quite sad but the darkness of life is more inspiring than happy and safe people, in my opinion.

Otherworldly world :
I " try " to avoid to go into cliches (emo-fantasy-surreal labels), that's why I often use animals, attempting to be original to speak about ordinary theme. I think humans are proud, mistrustful and self-centered (and I am human). I want to hand over to the animals, to critic or play human roles. They don't carry hidden symbols ; this is just a return to innocence, a naive vision of the world. This is a return to childhood, where animals can speak, dreams become reality and imagination rules the world.

Digital painter :
I am realistic and quite pessimistic. I try to remain authentic, I don't think myself as an artist, but a simple Photoshop user. Since I work as psychologist, I have more distance with my art hobby. The popularity makes me feel as ill at ease as the indifference. I am really impressed by the artworks of the young artists gathered on Deviant Art, I admire the job of janaschi, loish, and arcipello and many other. I am proud to be a member of the new generation but I can't invest myself more on this way.

Tutorials :
I am really interested when artists add a step by step of their drawing to reflect the slow evolution of the creation. As freelance artist, I learnt how to draw watching young artist submitting their artworks/oekaki. I add my work-in-progress to show how strange blurred strokes could turn into a face or a tree. I did a lot of tutorials for explaining my approach, not to say that my way of drawing is perfect but sharing the process, how a tiny spark can come on a gigantic dancing fire. You have to be persevering.
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Mapei - Don't wait

It is with a great pleasure that I announce the opening of my official shop ! ------>

What I propose today is a direct link with the artist, with the possibility to purchase high quality prints, with vivid and accurate colors. These reproductions are personally checked, signed, numbered then tidily packaged in order to reach you carefully. I have chosen the canvas format for giving you the possibility to frame it. 

Only six 12x18’’ artworks are available, in a Limited Edition of 100 copies. 

Moreover, to emphasize the «  official » dimension, I created « original and unique » artworks, non available in the regular shops (such as DeviantART, Society6, Curioos,…). These exclusive artworks are included in a Limited Edition of 100 copies. 

Furthermore, I will offer prints of my other artwork, upon request, which will be signed but not numbered. The available sizes are 12x18’’ and 20x30’’.

Do not hesitate to share feedback and wishes, in order to develop new artworks format.

Thanks again for you support, 



It made scars in the sky by AquaSixio
It made scars in the sky


When I woke up this morning, you were already far away.
Mom told me you had come to say goodbye, but I was still sleeping.
I felt sad all day, like I do every time you leave for work.
I tracked all the passing planes, they made scars in the sky.
I wonder which one is yours,
I hope you will be back soon.
I miss you.

French :

Quand je me suis levé ce matin, tu étais déjà parti tout là-bas.
Maman m'a dit que tu étais venu me dire au revoir, mais je dormais encore. 
J'ai été triste toute la journée, comme à chaque fois que tu pars pour le travail. 
J'ai scruté tous les avions qui passaient, ça fait des cicatrices dans le ciel.
Je me demande quel est le tien.
J'espère que tu rentreras bientot, 
Tu me manques. 

Time : 12h00 hours

Software : Photoshop CC

Tool : Wacom Intuos 4M

Video (1H00) :
Video (1H30) :

WIP : 

 Wip of Scars in the sky by AquaSixio

Train train quotidien by AquaSixio
Train train quotidien


I knew the daily routine and all of its stops. I knew the color and texture of my coffee, just like it’s smell floating in the air of my apartment every morning. I measured it carefully every evening, it tasted how I wanted. I knew the sound of the train’s closing doors by heart. In the Reality Station, I was no longer lifting my head when I walked: I followed the crowd, absorbed by the daily newspaper. The world news wasn’t positive but my horoscope predicted a good day, so as I closed the newspaper my worries alleviated. The machine carried me to the next station, whatever its name, Work, Store or House. It took me and brought me back to the right quay. It did what I asked. I was controlling my life and I was satisfied.

The wheels of the system were well maintained, in spite of the Boredom Sands screeching under the cogs. There was always a solution: cigarettes blew away the sand, coffee prevented rust and alcohol lubricated. It was comfortable but I wasn’t dreaming anymore. My nights were empty. On the black screen a commercial played over and over for some laundry detergent with the slogan : “Cleaner than Clean”. Neither nightmare nor adventure to distract me from aquarium. Why complain? The water was clean, the temperature was ideal, I was eating at a set time and I had no fear because tomorrow would be the same routine.

So, why am I here without knowing where to go? Why did I hit  the brakes? Why did I leave the train? My coffee never has the same taste, I discover new smells, flavor and colors. Sometimes it’s too bitter or too strong. Sometimes it’s ecstasy, but I can never seem to make it the same way twice. I don’t know what to expect, I don’t know how to measure it anymore or even which brand to buy. I no longer read the newspaper. I see people walking with their heads in papers and I imagine their life, their story. I forget to get off at my stop, so now I have to follow new paths to reach my quay. And I see this girl leaving the train. I am afraid to talk to her. My heart is beating in my chest. I’m alive.

French :

Je connaissais la routine et tous ses arrêts. Je connaissais la couleur et la texture de mon café, tout comme son odeur qui flottait dans mon appartement tous les matins. Je le dosais soigneusement chaque soir, il avait le goût que j’attendais. Je connaissais par coeur le bruit que faisait la porte du train qui se refermait. Dans la Gare de la Réalité, je ne levais même plus la tête quand je marchais, : je suivais la foule, plongé dans mon journal quotidien. Les nouvelles du monde n’étaient pas bonnes mais mon horoscope prédisait une belle journée, alors je refermais le journal le coeur léger. La machine me portait jusqu’à la prochaine station, peu importe son nom, Travail, Magasin ou Maison. Elle m’amenait et me ramenait à bon port. Elle faisait ce que je lui demandais. Je contrôlais ma vie et j’étais satisfait.

Les rouages du système étaient bien entretenus malgré les Sables de l’Ennui qui crissaient sous leur dents crantées. ll y avait toujours une solution : la cigarette soufflait le sable, le café évitait la rouille et l’alcool mettait de l’huile. C’était confortable mais, je ne rêvais plus. Mes nuits étaient vides. Sur l’écran noir défilait une publicité pour une lessive quelconque, elle tournait en boucle avec le slogan : « plus blanc que blanc ». Ni cauchemar, ni aventure pour me distraire de mon aquarium. Pourquoi me plaindre ? L’eau était propre, la température était idéale, j’étais nourris à heure fixe et je n’avais aucune crainte car, demain serait la même routine.

Alors, pourquoi je me retrouve ici, sans savoir où aller ? Pourquoi avais-je actionné le frein ? Pourquoi avais-je quitté le train ? Mon café n’a jamais le même goût, je découvre de nouvelles odeurs, saveurs et couleurs. Parfois, il est trop amère ou trop fort. Parfois, c’est l’extase, mais je sais pas comment la retrouver. Je ne sais pas à quoi m’attendre, je ne sais plus le doser ni quel marque acheter. Je ne lis plus le journal. Je vois les gens qui marchent le nez dans leur papier et j’imagine leur vie, leur histoire. J’en oublie de descendre à mon arrêt et suis obligé de passer par de nouveaux chemins pour rejoindre mon quai. Et je vois cette fille qui sort de la rame. J’ai peur de lui parler. J’ai le coeur qui bat. Je suis en vie.

Time : 14h00 hours

Software : Photoshop CC

Tool : Wacom Intuos 4M

Video :…

WIP : 

 WIP of Train train quotidien by AquaSixio


What kind of tutorial are you expecting from me ? 

1,579 deviants said Coloring
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796 deviants said Light and Shadow
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majidemo Featured By Owner 21 hours ago
Hello man,

Love your work. I was thinking of buying and displaying it. I was wondering if there is any chance I can get a print with your signature?
ArielPalubeski Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  New member
I could not be more in love with your work  Heart 
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Great gallery. Your work is wonderful and inspiring, thank you for sharing your talent.
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your art... is AMAZINGLY beautiful! I think I've fainted. 
Ara6an Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015
Ça fait un moment que je suis ce que tu fais et pourtant je n'étais jamais venu sur ton deviantart.
En fait, j'écris juste pour dire, j'ai l'impression de me lire quand je lis ta description, ça m'a perturbé xD. Je n'ai pas non plus de bagage en terme de formation artistique ou quoi que ce soit, et je travaille aussi à l'intuition. Je suis aussi très réaliste et pessimiste et j'ai aussi cette sorte de "dégoût" (pas vraiment le mot, mais ça fera l'affaire) pour l'humain.
J'aimerais pourtant pouvoir faire de mes dessin mon métier, et pour cela il faut passer par des relations, malheureusement. Et en même temps je me demande si je suis réellement fait pour ça. Mais quand je me pose la question, je ne sais absolument pas ce que je pourrais faire d'autre. 
Tu dis que tu es psychologue en parallèle, si j'ai bien compris. Comment tu  as réussi à lier ces deux domaines sans péter un cable ou tout simplement ne pas avoir de temps pour l'un ou l'autre en te consacrant à l'un ou l'autre ? 

Désolé si je dérange, évidemment tu n'es pas obligé de répondre xD 
Bonne continuation :)
Mdford314 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Your work amazes me, and your creativity amazes me even more
The-Artist-Incognito Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I swear to god, if I could, then I'd just spend half a day just ogling at your artwork. Seriously though, yo are truly marvelous - keep up the great work!
kobolddoido Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015
Thanks for the great tutorials.
Finally i have finished one cool paint using all which i learned with your lessons.…
Riki-b Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm in love with your artwork! It's really breathtaking. 
Atrixfromice Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
MON DIEU Tes ouvres d'art sont incroyables!! :wow: :excited: :iconawwwplz: Bon courage continuez avec ce magnifique travail! Je te donne un watch! :D
You're the best digital artist ever !!!
thecrayonsoup Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
So I'm very active on pinterest and follow a few popular drawing/tips boards. I always find myself pinning to my boards the artwork I love the most. After a while, I realized I loved and appreciated the saturated, color aware, whimsical, thought provoking artwork the best, and just now after spotting your Adjustment Layer tutorial in my feed, I saw some examples of my favorite artwork; YOU and YOUR masterpieces are my ***most*** favorite out of every other digital drawing/painting artist out there that I have seen to this day. I should have known that my favorites were all linked to the same artist, then maybe I would have found you sooner. Thank you for everything that you create and teach, it's does the art world good.
flyingbluerabbits Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You're my favorite artist, big fan of your work:)
valenciaCheng Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015
your works are soooo imaginative! i also love the colors! you must really take a lot of joy in playing with colors XD great! 
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Amazing work! So inspiring! I even write in my blog about you -… :) (Smile) 
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